Wasilewska Patrycja

Wasilewska Patrycja

Attorney at Law

Legal Department:

Capital Markets Law Department

Professional experience:

Ms Wasilewska gained her professional experience during her many years at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, where she conducted administrative proceedings for the granting of permits to conduct brokerage activities (including commenting on the brokerage service provision by-laws and internal regulations) and proceedings for notifying respective entities of the intention to acquire or take up 10%, 20%, one-third, 50% of shares (stocks) in a brokerage house.  She also took part in conducting legal compliance analyses for investment companies and their agents and replied on behalf of PFSA to legal queries submitted by entities. She has conducted multiple proceedings for the registration or removal of investment company agents as well as performed supervisory activities over them.

She has also conducted proceedings in regard to the reporting of the investment company’s intention to carry out brokerage activities in the territory of another Member State and proceedings to authorise the appointment of a chairman or member of the board of directors of a brokerage house responsible for overseeing the risk management system. She authored comments to draft legislation on capital market law.  She participated in the workings of the Peer Review Committee of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), which coordinates the supervision of the cross-border operations of investment companies.

mobile: +48 512 738 636