Monika Kolasińska


Legal Adviser

Practice Area:

Labour and Employment Law Department

Professional experience:

The area of Monika Kolasińska’s specialty is labour and employment law. In her professional practice, she has been representing clients in disputes heard by common courts in cases that involved labour and employment law, civil law and economic law. She has also advised clients during audits performed by the National Labour Inspectorate. Monika has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting employment contracts, managerial contracts, restructuring documentation and corporate employment policies and regulations. She conducted training in employment and competition law for the executives and HR staff of big corporations. Monika wrote many press articles.


Monika is a graduate of the Intradepartmental Individual Studies in the Humanities at the University of Warsaw; she obtained master’s degrees from the Faculty of Law and Administration and Faculty of Journalism and Political Science.

She completed legal adviser’s training and was admitted to practice law as a member of the Regional Legal Advisers Association in Warsaw.

Foreign languages:

English, French