Andrzej Lulkowski, PhD

Andrzej Lulkowski, PhD

Managing Counsel

Legal Department:

Immigration Law Department

Professional experience:

Lawyer managing the Immigration Law Department, specialist in the field of broadly understood immigration law, including, in particular, the legalisation of the stay and work of foreigners in the territory of Poland.

He has implemented large relocation projects for international corporations, both based in Poland and abroad, and works with employment agencies and non-governmental organisations. He is interested in constitutional law and international law, and is a specialist in the field of Belarusian law. He started his legal activity in the construction industry in Belarus. He specialises in electoral and party systems.

He conducts activities related to the integration and adaptation of foreigners in Poland. He has collaborated with one of the schools nearby Łódź as an intercultural consultant in contacts between the school staff and foreign children and their parents staying in the refugee centre in Grotniki. As a leader of the Legal International Service company, in cooperation with Rwandan Community in Poland, he was the organizer of a series of trainings throughout the country on the legalisation of stay of foreigners from Central and Eastern Africa.

He is the author and co-author of scientific articles in the field of political science, in particular, on the political systems of countries of Central and Eastern Europe, on the electoral systems and the issues of deliberative democracy, published both in Poland and abroad.


A graduate of the Faculty of Law of the State University in Brest (Belarus), of the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the University of Łódź, obtained a PhD in politics and administration.

Foreign languages:
English, Russian
mobile: +48 517 793 485