Beata Woch


Advocate, Partner

Practice Area:

Beata Woch supervises work of Penal Law Department

Professional experience:

Beata Woch specialises in criminal law, and in particular in criminal commercial cases in which she represents interests of entrepreneurs (both creditors and debtors) during preparatory (pre-trial), court and post-conviction proceedings. She preventively develops business risk mitigation plans. Beata has extensive experience in organising effective criminal defence. She pro-actively handles client cases already from the stage of preparatory criminal proceedings conducted by law enforcement authorities (the prosecution service, police, Internal Security Agency, tax and customs authorities), represents clients in all instances of jurisdictional proceedings and acts on behalf of convicted defendants during post-conviction proceedings, especially in cases concerning the postponement and suspension of immediate custodial sentences. Apart from her criminal defence work, she successfully handles family law cases, including divorce proceedings and – increasingly often – matters that involve annulment of marriage falling under the jurisdiction of ecclesiastical courts.


Advocate, a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Łódź. She completed a postgraduate programme in EU Funds and the postgraduate programme “Church Courts and Administration” at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. Beata Woch completed the prosecutors training at the Łódź prosecutorial circuit. Currently, she is admitted to practice as an advocate by the Regional Bar Association of Warsaw.
mobile: + 48 606 131 213