Prof. dr hab. Ryszard Szostak


Professor Ryszard Szostak J.D. – expert in economic, administrative, financial and public procurement law; an arbitrator with years of experience in resolving pre-contractual disputes in public tendering procedures. He is an author (or a co-author) of nearly two hundred of scientific papers and popular science articles, including monographs, textbooks and commentaries. Prof. Szostak has been long involved in educating the public, especially on the practice of business transactions, local government, finances and public procurement. He writes, participates in conferences, works as a trainer, consultant, and is involved in many other activities especially for businesspeople, civil servants and all kinds of legal practitioners. Professor Szostak has an excellent track record as a legal expert and educator. He heads the Chair of Administrative Law and Public Procurement Law at the Cracow University of Economics and serves as the editor-in-chief of the Prawo Zamówień Publicznych (Public Procurement Law) quarterly.