Prusik Łukasz


Legal adviser

Practice Area:

Department of Insolvency Law and Enforcement Proceedings

Professional experience:

As a member of the firm’s legal team, Łukasz’s areas of specialty include civil law and procedure, and in particular the procedure for interim injunctive relief, enforcement procedure and insolvency procedure. Within the area of substantive civil law, Łukasz’s expertise lies primarily in the law of obligations, including the rules governing security interests established on receivables. He also has a deep knowledge of property law, and in particular all matters relating to the servitude of conveyance. As part of his litigation practice, Łukasz Prusik handles a number of actions for payment (including those based on art. 299 of the Commercial Partnerships and Companies Code) and property law cases. He represents creditors and debtors at all stages of pre-trial, judicial and enforcement proceedings. He learned the ropes of legal profession in law firms and institutions of the justice system in Kraków and Częstochowa.


Łukasz graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, and began his professional traineeship with the Regional Legal Advisers Association of Kraków.
mobile: + 48 22 692 74 31