Close partnership in consultancy

Sadkowski i Wspólnicy Partnership is a partner of the BIJAS, RUSIECKI, SADKOWSKI Corporation of Law Firms, an affiliate network of some of the biggest and best-in-classlaw firms from Warsaw, Częstochowa, Gdynia and Wrocław. The Corporation brings together over 70 lawyers, including legal advisers and advocates.

Our top priorities are maintaining partnership relations with clients and developing our ability to provide services where and when needed. In order to implement these priorities, we make sure than our team of 70 lawyers – advocates, legal advisers and tax advisers – located in five major Polish cities is always ready to assist our clients. You can meet them in person to discuss the most important questions but if an urgent matter arises, our lawyers can also be accessed through a dedicated video conference system.

Why? For us, this is a fundamental way of developing partnership in business. Thanks to unrestricted mobility and the capacity to rapidly respond to most challenging cases, we create a professional collaborative relationship based on the rock-solid foundation of trust.If you think our purpose and ambitions may serve your needs and expectations, please feel free to get in touch. For us, every case is different, and every client is a partner in solving a problem, no matter how difficult the problem is.

Every day and across Poland we offer legal counsel tailored to your needs.