The Swiss Confederation is a federal country situated in Western Europe. Switzerland is not a member of the European Union or Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. It does not constitute a part of the European Economic Area either.

Among European countries, Swiss economy prides an excellent reputation. This country possesses the highest index of economic freedom in the European countries. Its industry is highly developed as well. Long preserved neutrality obtained in 1815 and the principle of inviolability of bank secret caused that entrepreneurs from all over the world trust Switzerland very much.

The Swiss Confederation offers competitive conditions of running a business activity in its territory. Numerous tax privileges for foreign entrepreneurs who may want to establish a joint-stock company are available both on federal and cantonal level. It is also worth noticing that preferential regulations concerning income taxation included in Polish-Swiss double taxation convention are applicable regardless of the fact if an established company proves that it possesses a status of the company not connected with the parent company in terms of capital.

The canton that enjoys a particularly good reputation among foreign entrepreneurs is Zug located in the central part of Switzerland, where the language spoken is German. Entrepreneurs who are going to establish their business activity there may expect a lot of simplifications connected with starting and running their business activity. This is also accompanied by preferential taxation on obtained incomes. There are no restrictions concerning real estate purchase by foreigners as well as Swiss enterprises.