Legal forms in which foreign entrepreneurs can conduct business activity in the territory of The Republic of Cyprus.

At the beginning it must be stated that the offer of The Law Firm Sadkowski and Partners to establish and render legal maintenance of the holding company in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus is dedicated to Clients who cannot afford high expenses connected with establishing and legal-tax maintenance of an offshore company in distant overseas territories. The offer aims to meet the expectations of entrepreneurs who only in the future are going to expand their business activity. It must be stressed however, that in the territory of The Republic of Cyprus there are seats of companies being parts of the biggest concerns whose net income volume places them among the biggest world corporations.

The furthest-reaching profits resulting from conducting business activity in the territory of Cyprus offers establishing a holding company. This is not a fully adequate name as the Cypriot law does not use the term a holding company, however it enables the use of tax regulations of these companies with reference to private limited companies and public limited companies.

The offer of our Law Firm includes not only establishing and law maintenance of the holding company established in the territory of The Republic of Cyprus, but also the purchase of the established beforehand in the territory of this country vintage holding company. This offer is directed at the entrepreneurs who are not interested in optimization solutions whose results will be postponed in time and the entrepreneurs whose type of conducted business activity does not allow to realize profits in further time perspective.