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Marta Owczarczyk
The director of department, Attorney-at-law, Restructuring advisor
Mariusz Kowolik
Attorney-at-law, Partner
Łukasz Prusik
Paula Korol

Bankruptcy, Restructuring Law and Enforcement Proceedings Department

Our legal services related to the insolvency law and debt enforcement involve comprehensive support for businesses and individual clients interested in recovering their debts. We also act to protect the debtor’s rights in the event that enforcement proceedings are unlawfully instigated or conducted. We specialise in providing representation to our clients in pre-trial, judicial and enforcement proceedings.

We offer effective legal assistance to creditors and debtors alike. Our services include:

  • Constant monitoring of cash inflows from receivables
  • Legal advice on methods of securing receivables both prior to, and during, court proceedings
  • Enforcement of debts for creditors at the pre-trial stage, and in the course of judicial and enforcement proceedings. We specialise in the handling of proceedings by writ of payment and actions to declare an act in law ineffective or to annul such an act, including fraudulent conveyance actions,
  • Legal consultancy and the enforcement of debts from members of partnerships whose liability is unlimited, and also from spouses of debtors. We also initiate and conduct court proceedings against members of management boards of limited liability companies in the case when debt-enforcement from a company’s assets proves ineffective
  • Ensuring protection of creditors’ rights throughout the course of pending insolvency and restructuring proceedings – this is achieved through filing bankruptcy petitions and offering representation of the rights of creditors, including foreign creditors, as parties to insolvency, arrangement or reorganisation proceedings,
  • Advice in the area of insolvency law and proceedings governing debt enforcement from foreign entities,
  • Legal advice on methods of securing a debtor’s property against unlawful enforcement proceedings,
  • Advice and representation of debtors’ rights in enforcement proceedings, including the protection of debtor’s rights against unlawful debt collection,
  • Protection of debtors’ rights in insolvency, arrangement or reorganisation proceedings,
  • Legal advice and representation of both creditors and debtors in criminal proceedings related to the unlawful violation of their rights