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Beata Woch
Attorney, Partner
Bartosz Gniedziejko
Agata Wiśniewska
Monika Wiśniewska
Ignacy Strzałkowski
Trainee Attorney
Jakub Zduńczyk
Natalia Skórkowska
Trainee Attorney

Criminal Law Department

The Firm provides comprehensive criminal defence services, also in criminal commercial cases. We approach each and every case in an individualised manner, mounting effective legal defence already from the stage of preparatory proceedings conducted by law enforcement authorities (the prosecution service, police, Internal Security Agency, tax and customs authorities). We represent clients in all instances of jurisdictional proceedings and act on behalf of convicted defendants during post-conviction proceedings, especially in cases concerning the postponement and suspension of immediate custodial sentences.

Our specialisation covers, among others, the following areas of criminal law:

Criminal commercial law

Within this area, we provide criminal defence in cases of:

  • “non-commercial” criminal offences,
    • capital fraud and managerial offences,
    • claims regarding transactions defrauding creditors,
    • money laundering,
    • offences against money and securities transactions,
    • offences against property and credibility of documents,
    • other offences described in special laws,
  • Our lawyers also provide legal assessment of corporate officers’ conduct, in order to review their potential criminal liability for acts detrimental to their company – with a particular focus on the officers’ duties in bankruptcy proceedings.

Criminal tax and fiscal law

Within the area of criminal tax law, we provide criminal defence services for defendants charged with tax fraud or other less serious tax offences such as:

  • failure to perform tax obligations;
  • failure to perform customs obligations or adhere to the rules of international trade in goods and services;
  • gambling-related offences;
  • offences involving foreign currency trading.

Criminal law of the financial markets

Within this area, we provide criminal defence for defendants charged with:

  • offences related to brokerage trade in securities and introducing financial instruments to an organised trading system,
  • illegal disclosure and use of confidential information,
  • acquisition and disposal of financial instruments at the end of a trading session which results in misrepresentation to investors trading at that stage of the session (late trading),
  • placing orders or entering into transactions that result or may result in misrepresentation in respect of the actual demand, supply or price of a financial instrument,
  • dissemination, through the means of mass communication including the Internet, or otherwise, false or inaccurate information or rumours that result or may result in misrepresentation in respect of financial instruments directed to a journalist or another person.

Following the Latin maxim amicus certus in re incerta cernitur (A true friend is certain when certainty is uncertain), we are strongly convinced that thanks to the high professionalism and vast experience of the lawyers working with the Penal Law and Criminal Commercial Law Department the rights and freedoms of our clients are protected at all stages of criminal and criminal tax proceedings.