Asset Succession Planning

In today’s rapidly changing world, generational succession in business more often than not requires careful planning to be effective. Proper planning is a must for grantors who wish to ensure that their beneficiaries are provided with tools which may significantly minimise, or even eliminate, the risk associated with bad business decisions they may take or other events which may adversely affect the value of a business or other assets subject to succession.

In order to avoid a “curse of abundance”, the grantor should protect the beneficiary from multiple possible risks, including those of internal character (family disputes, statutory/testamentary heirs, beneficiaries with a legal interest in the estate) and external character (competition, shareholders, other stakeholders). Our lawyers’ understanding of the potential risks successors may face, coupled with a wide array of legal solutions available, allows us to develop an individually-tailored property succession plan capable of keeping the accumulated estate in good shape for decades to come.