Corporate Governance, Internal Organisational Structure

For many businesses, economic growth generates new job openings. Among newly recruited employees there emerge talented individuals who may be considered for responsible corporate posts, including managerial positions. To be able to harness the potential of new talent, the complex organism of a business must operate safely and effectively.

Therefore, the rules of corporate governance and the company’s internal organisational structure need to be developed in a way which allows good business decisions to be made quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the organisation must be equipped with appropriate protection mechanisms that eliminate risks associated with the delegation of authority in the company. Such a new governance system tackles the negative legal effects of unauthorised decision-making, creating an effective compliance system for the supervision of corporate officers.

Well-drafted corporate governance rules and organisational structures enable a business to operate flawlessly and allows its people to fully develop their professional potential. With their long-term experience in advising large and medium-sized public sector enterprises and international and domestic private sector corporations, our lawyers are able to propose and implement corporate governance systems best suited for the size and needs of a given business. The desired outcome is the result of a thorough review of the nature, needs and objectives of a business as well as dialogue with all interested parties.