Legal Assistance in the Establishment of Commercial Undertakings

It is commonly said that so far Poland has only seen the growth of its first generation of entrepreneurs. Currently, we are witnessing both the birth of new businesses and the next generation taking over at the helm of existing firms. Many of our partners, committed to building robust businesses, have often been unable to pay sufficient attention to each and every organisational detail. On the other hand, the challenges they face are no different from the ones encountered by those entrepreneurs who, in their time, chose the best organisational structure. This problem is related to continuous economic change and the ensuing changes in law and, consequently, a new discussion is now needed about keeping business structures up-to-date.

The following issues are most noteworthy: asset safety, protection against corporate risk, securing corporate durability and tax efficiency. Our lawyers have an extensive interdisciplinary knowledge and business awareness which enables them to engage in professional dialogue with entrepreneurs while focusing on their specific needs and objectives.