Commercial Law and International Trade Department

Lawyers working in the Commercial Law and International Trade Department specialise in private economic law, focusing on commercial law and, in particular, company law. Within this area of expertise, they also handle cases involving insolvency and rehabilitation law. Projects involving foreign law are supported by practitioners from the International Tax Planning Department.

Lawyers from the Commercial Law and International Trade Department provide consultancy services, specifically in the following areas:

  • Legal assistance in the establishment of commercial undertakings,
  • Domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, divisions, transformations,
  • Asset and tax optimisation of companies and their members,
  • Protection of key corporate assets,
  • Liability of corporate officers,
  • Corporate governance, day-to-day legal services for corporate clients, planning and management of internal organisational structures,
  • The planning of asset succession,
  • Development and implementation of management participation plans.

Using solutions created by our legal team, our clients may benefit from the following:

  • Asset safety,
  • Business durability,
  • Low tax payments,
  • Anonymity (sometimes advantageous).

The lawyers working in the Department are especially focused on family business consultancy. Interdisciplinary expertise allows us to implement the most efficient legal solutions for the specific features of a business based on family connections.

The vast majority of organisational needs of our clients are met by means of domestic legal solutions. However, it is should be noted that our clients are beginning to embrace opportunities offered by foreign companies, funds and private foundations. In particular, they tend to appreciate the following benefits of foreign business vehicles: legal protection for both a corporation and its members, rules governing the planning of property succession and tax treatment. Although the Polish legal system offers many interesting ways to tackle those issues, solutions provided by foreign jurisdictions may prove useful where domestic options are exhausted. In these cases, lawyers from the Commercial Law and International Trade Department and the International Tax Planning Department implement reliable and safe measures available under foreign law.