International Tax Planning Department

The International Tax Planning Department includes lawyers who possess rich experience in the area of planning and developing solutions reducing operating costs of the conducted business activity or a single transaction. Optimization plans are created on the basis of Polish law, as well as the law of foreign countries, particularly, so called tax heavens, off-shore countries.

The scope of activities of the Department include, among others:

  • planning and preparing restructuring and tax optimization processes of economic subjects, including:
      • single transaction tax optimization,
      • business activity tax optimization,
      • tax optimization based on Polish law system, as well as with the use of advantageous regulations of foreign countries, including so called tax heavens,
  • evaluating investment strategies

The lawyers of the International Tax Planning Department while creating optimization plans use the extensive knowledge concerning, among others, the following issues:

  • off-shore jurisdiction,
  • international agreements how to avoid double taxation,
  • withholding tax issue,
  • tax exemptions,
  • law regulations of free-trade zone partnerships,
  • tax residence change,
  • closed-end investment funds and hedging funds,
  • private funds and trusts,
  • captive insurance.

Subjects of the optimization plans can constitute:

  • international trade profits,
  • profits coming from mediation,
  • profits coming from e-commerce and remote services,
  • operational profit (through allocating part of cost sources outside Polish boarders),
  • real-estate sales process,
  • profits coming from non-material and legal assets,
  • capital profits – dividend, capital market instrument profits,
  • shares and stocks sales transactions.