The Law Firm Sadkowski i Wspólnicy

Sadkowski i Wspólnicy provides legal services through a team of lawyers who are specialists in their areas of practice. Thanks to joint efforts of the firm’s legal departments we are able to work effectively across many different branches of law and ensure the highest quality of provided services.

Members of our team are eager to take on groundbreaking cases that require multi-dimensional strategic planning. Our lawyers are known for handling matters that are considered difficult and require interdisciplinary knowledge of the operation and functioning of business enterprises, knowledgethat encompasses not only the law, but also management and economics.

Areas of specialty

The specialist expertise of our lawyers in particular branches and areas of law lies at the core of our firm’s business. Sadkowski i Wspólnicy operates a number of legal departments that collaborate with each other, thanks to which the services offered by the firm are not only wide in scope, but also of the highest quality. Specialisation and well coordinated teamwork are another factors that contribute to the unparalleled standard of our services.



If you want to join our young and dynamic team, you do your job with a passion and have the necessary qualifications, contact us at Our firm is interested in working with licensed and trainee lawyers (advocates and legal advisers) who are responsible, reliable and willing to commit towork at Sadkowski i Wspólnicy.


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