The Law Firm

Sadkowski i Wspónicy Spółka Komandytowo-Akcyjnawas created through the synergy of the professional experience of talented legal advisors and advocates, including the firm’sManaging Partner and Chief Counsel Czesław Sadkowski, who previously ran a solo practice, the Office of Business and Tax Law, founded in 2003.

We are a rapidly developing,full-service law firm specialising in theprovision of comprehensive legal services for both domestic and international large business organisations.The specialist expertise of our lawyers in particular branches and areas of law lies at the core of our firm’s business. Thanks to joint efforts of the firm’s legal departments we are able to work effectively across many different branches of law and ensure the highest quality of provided services.

We provide legal services,in particular in the areas of civil and economic law, commercial law, employment and labour law, intellectual property law,and also administrative law and tax law.

Our experienced criminal defence lawyers working at the firm’s Penal Law Department provide legal representation in criminal cases, especially in cases related to intellectual property protection and business operations.

Members of our team are eager to take on groundbreaking cases that require multi-dimensional strategic planning. Our lawyers are known for handling matters that are considered difficult and require interdisciplinary knowledge of the operation and functioning of business enterprises, knowledge which encompasses not only the law, but also management and economics.