Labour and Employment Law Department

The lawyers of the Labour and Employment Law Department have vast experience in all aspects of employment and labour law.In their work, they solve problems, address legal concerns and support our clients by applying law in force in a way that best satisifes clients’ business needs.

Our services offered in the area of labour and employment law include:

  • Drafting opinions on all aspects of Labour and Employment Law
  • Drafting employment contracts and non-competition agreements
  • Drafting board-level service contracts and managerial contracts
  • Conducting negotiations and mediation with employees and trade unions, anddraftingcompany and supra-company collective agreements
  • Drafting agreements, workplace rules and regulations, remuneration policies and regulations of enterprise social funds
  • Representing employers and employees in court proceedings
  • Drafting responses to post-audit statements issued by the National Labour Inspectorate
  • Providing adviceonenterprise restructuring and employment optimisation
  • Providing advice related to the operations of employment agencies and on the forms of employment available for both Poles working abroad and foreign nationals employed in Poland
  • Providing training services in the broad area of labour and employment law
  • Performing legal audits