Civil Law and Litigation Department

Lawyers of the Civil Law and Litigation Department specialse in delivering comprehensive litigation services in civil and commercial disputes and provide legal support during negotiations and the conclusion of civil-law contracts. They also assistclientsin matters of insurance law.

With their excellent knowledge and experience, experts working at the Civil Law and Litigation Department provide the following types of legal services:

  • Handling of negotiations and contract drafting
  • Client representation in judicial proceedings in civil and commercial cases at all instances, including before the Supreme Court, Arbitration Courts, Constitutional Tribunal, European Commission, European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg, Court of Justice of the European Union (former European Court of Justice)
  • Client representation in court and out-of-court settlements
  • Delivering legal opinions and expert opinions
  • Provision of legal advice in property transactions
  • Handling compensation claims
  • Providing legal advice in the area of Community Law
  • Legal reviews and audits
  • Handling public procurement proceedings